Thanks for finding this karate-do treasure box. I'm very happy to say, I have managed to re-publish this material in a modernised and mobile-friendly layout.

For your benefit, I've omitted things like class schedules, style affirmations, hierarchies etc so you can read or browse the articles immediately. Please enjoy it's new 'book' format.

I am forever thankful that Shoshin Nagamine set me on my path all those years ago in Naha. I feel I have learnt and grown a lot in the intervening years in karate-do.

The internet itself has grown up too. Especially since this website became first available over 20 years ago. I hope that these articles can encourage a new generation of curious practitioners. It offers a kind of modern Bubishi, an entry into the scholarly aspects of the martial arts.

Like all journeys, I have found there is no specific end, just a process of experience, reward, deeper learning and new goals. I hope you enjoy and find value on the path of learning these things as I have.

Footprints in the snow !

Yours in Karate-Do

Sydney Matsubayashi Ryu